The Nature Lover's Guide To Red River New Mexico

Given the way this year made staying indoors a real pain, it's no wonder that more people are venturing out into the world to get some fresh air.

But why settle on fresh air when you can take in the crisp air of a place like Red River New Mexico? This small town tucked in the southern Rocky Mountains may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, but if you consider yourself a nature aficionado, you might want to take some notes.

Red River is not just a mountain town — it's a destination for anyone who enjoys being in nature. But that's selling Red River a little short. It's really the perfect place for anyone looking for recreation and just taking it easy. The population is small, the locals are warm & friendly, and the size of the town make it perfect to walk.

You're also surrounded by one of the most majestic mountain ranges on the planet, which means you've got the chance to explore some truly inspirational surroundings.

If you're worried about there being too much hype regarding Red River, don't be.

Truth be told, the town often gets lost in the shuffle between more well-known ski resort towns not too far away. This usually becomes a good thing as you don't have to fight big crowds or try to see past a splashy, unnatural veneer. Red River New Mexico is the genuine article, through & through.

Still on the fence? Well, here's a short guide to some of Red River can offer nature lovers everywhere:

Hiking Trails — There are a multitude of hiking trails available in Red River. Depending on your health & comfort level, you can find hikes of varying degrees of difficulty, as well as get an eyeful of amazing wildflowers, tree life, and snowy peaks.

If you dig scenic landscapes, you've come to the right place.

Biking — You could explore the terrain with a little more horsepower & octane, but you may miss something along the way. Getting on a bike is a great way to take in Red River during your entire trip.

Better yet, you don't have to bring your own as you can rent bikes in town & explore on two wheels.

Family-Friendly & Accessible — Nature-loving families shouldn't worry about finding something that appeals to the entire brood.

Horseback riding and fishing are about as perfect outdoor fun times as one can think of. Don't forget about a day at the Red River Community House to get a feel for some old-school family fun in the mountains with tons of free activities.

Mountain Elevation — Because you're in the mountains, you should always remember to dress appropriately for the occasion. Layers work well as moving up & down in elevation can bring temperature changes you may not have thought of.

Also, average temps in Red River are incredibly nice, with just the right nip in the air.

Don't Just Look — You can find some great lodging in Red River, especially if you're looking for a great view. The thing is that rather than just look out at nature, why not get out into it?

Get your blood pumping & your heart rate up a little with a brisk hike or just get the lay of the land around town with a bike ride.

Red River New Mexico often gets overshadowed by nearby resort towns like Taos and Angel Fire. But when you consider just how much bang for the buck you can get by staying in Red River, you'll have a hard time understanding why.

There's plenty of outdoor activities available to residents & visitors all year long, something that most other cities and towns can't say. It's also very important to note that while other places might feel glossed over with a touristy feel, Red River has been able to stay unblemished despite tourism being a major movies genre industry.

If you're looking to shake off 2020, Red River might be the destination you never knew you'd were looking for.

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