The new Aladdin adventure and the legendary story of the lamp genius.

Our hero Aladdin – embodies the contradictory image of a sly man with a craving for easy money and a hero capable of self-sacrifice for friends and love.

Aladdin learns the ancient legend of the magic lamp, which is already chased on the one hand, by mercenaries of the bloody warrior Hassan, and on the other hand, by the charming and dangerous Simin and his companions.

Aladdin manages to master the lamp first. He rubs the lamp but nothing happens – is the legend a lie. He throws out the lamp. At this moment a wandering monk approaches Aladdin. The monk asks him if he could be useful in something? Aladdin tells him that at the moment he is hungry, and would gladly have eaten and drank a glass of water. The monk offers him food. Aladdin understands that the latter is none other than the genie of the lamp. Aladdin, disappointed to have misused his wish, rushes to the place where he has or he got rid of the lamp, but the latter has disappeared. Without the lamp the genie cannot carry out Aladdin’s wishes and he cannot help him find the lamp. However, the new owner of the lamp will not be able to use it as long as Aladdin is alive or even that the genie does not fulfill the latter’s last wishes.

Thus begins the adventure of Aladdin and his friends who will face terrible enemies