Tabarka is a coastal town located in north-western Tunisia, close to the border with Algeria. In the Phoenician times it was a trading port, now combines modern with original. The old town attractions include Les Aquilles, Genoese fort on an island that is connected to land by a causeway.

Genoese Fort

This fort is Tabarka’s most instantly recognized landmark, sitting as it does on a wooded hill guarding the entrance to the harbor. It was built in the 16 centuries when Tabarka was a Genoese outpost surrounded by the Ottoman empire, and sat on an island until the French built a jetty to join it to the mainland.

Les Aiguilles

These needles are a formation of remarkable pinnacles of ochre-colored rock, situated just a short walk to the west along a seaside promenade of Tabarka. These distinctive rocks, about 20 m high and eroded into bizarre shapes by wind and water.