Renegade and saint, admirer of the woman’s beauty and pious man.

He never experienced familial happiness but he knew laugh out of despair and cry out of happiness.

Who is the author of the mystic ‘ Vii ‘ and the ‘ Dead Souls ‘?

Until our days, many years after his death, he remains an unsolved mystery. “Read me prayers more than to whoever” he wrote in his memories, “because my destiny is more terrible than anyone else’s destiny”

What is this terrible destiny? Which sins did he commit? How to draw a portrait of this so mysterious genius?

“I shall remain a mystery; nobody will solve my secrets completely”.


The film is a fiction based on facts and historical documents, which depicts all the crucial moments of the life of the famous Russian writer Nikolay Vacilievich GOGOL.

Still today various rumors spread over the mysterious death of the writer. Some would say he was buried alive, other would wonder if and why his skull would have been removed from his grave!

In his lifetime, one thought that GOGOL was the devil embodied, other that he was a mentally ill person, guilty of necrophilia, while some others would consider him a saint.

The film unveils stages of the life of the writer going through the places he crossed in his lifetime: Moscow, St – Petersburg, Rome, Venice or his pilgrimage to the Holy Land.