How To Unlock A Kyocera Cell Phone

Unlocking a cell phone, any cell phone, requires the use of an unlock code and may take 30 minutes of your time. Unlocking a Kyocera cell phone can be a bit more complicated than other phones but it is doable, depending on the phone and the network it is on.

Step 1

Call your service provider to obtain an unlock code. The code will work on phones using a sim card for service. Service providers will traditionally give out codes for phones that were released over a year ago. They will not give out codes for phones that are exclusive to their network. If you are unable to obtain the code from the service provider move to Step 2, if you are successful, move to Step 3.

Step 2

Use a website that provides cell phone unlock codes such as The site will ask for the cellphones IMEI unlocker number located underneath the battery on your phone and the model and the service provider before providing an unlock code.

Remove the sim card and place the battery back on and turn the phone on. The phone will prompt you to insert your sim card. Simply type in the code provided to you, either by your service provider or the code generator. A “restriction lifted” prompt will appear when the unlocking is successfully completed.

  • Only the newest Kyocera phones are GSM phones. Prior to their introduction into the GSM market, all Kyoceras were CDMA phones. CDMA phones are hard locked, meaning they do not use sim cards for operation. Unlocking a CDMA network phone requires a MSL code which can only be obtained from the service provider. MSL numbers are traditionally not given out to consumers regardless of the age of the phone.

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