It is important that wherever you plan to film in Tunisia, you must obtain permission, permit or notify the competent authority. Yards can be privately owned or publicly owned (including most streets), so you should contact the owner or your local authority. You should notify local police of any outside filming in Tunisia and it may be a legal obligation to do so. Other aspects of your script or filming may also require you to contact the police. The impact of not notifying the appropriate authorities can lead to unnecessary deployment of police resources and disruption to your community and footage. This is especially important when filming in a location that may have iconic, religious or government buildings. Please note:
filming outside the building does not infringe its copyright. In Tunisia, you don’t need the building owner’s permission to film its exterior. The amount of notice you need to give regarding filming can vary depending on the size of your crew, so keep that in mind – as a guide, allow 5-15 business days to handle related documents.